Currency implies flow

Another word for money is currency.  Currency implies flow.  Your money has to flow like a river where there is a constant source of inflow and a constant source of outflow.  If your money experiences only an influx and no positive output (i.e. places to bless others, planting of financial seeds and gifting in the lives of others) then your financial situation becomes like a stinking, stagnant swamp.  What used to be green and vibrant, becomes infested and putrid.  If you fail to bless others, then there is no beauty in creating new life and new possibilities in the lives of others.  Your financial blessings are designed to be a blessing not just for you but for those fortunate enough to be connected to you.  You are blessed to be a blessing.

Focus on getting in the flow of currency.  If God can get money through you – He will certainly get money to you.

But if you only see purpose in getting all you can, and canning all you get – then who else would be blessed by that?

Malachi 3:10 shows that the blessing of the Lord should be demonstrated in overflow


Take One Small Step Today

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  You know there’s truth to it, and you and your friends can look back and laugh when you make the same choices and act surprised when you fail to get better results.  Ladies, have you looked back in your past and realized that you somehow managed to date the same “loser” type guy that was no good for you, but you just didn’t get it until some one pointed out what your last three ex boyfriends all had in common?

Ok, so lets break the pattern with our money and do something different today.  Let’s take one new step towards improving our financial life.  Take action and do something that you have been putting off until things got better, or you came across some “extra cash”.  What’s it going to be?  Here are a few ideas to start the ball rolling…

– Start automatic deductions to invest in your retirement plan through work

– Increase the amount that you are already contributing to your retirement plan at work

– Call and schedule an appointment to meet with a financial advisor or planner to review your situation

– Set up an automatic savings plan and divert 5% of your pay to a savings account to build your rainy day fund

– Cut up your credit cards

– Write out your budget for the coming month

Pick one of the above, or one of your own – and just do it!  Take action towards building your financial fortress.  Tomorrow can only get better if you stop and make improved choices and take action today.



What do you want bad enough?

Just a question that each of us has to answer for ourselves.  What do you want bad enough that you will give up your time, energy, sleep and peace for it?  I mean what is the thing that you have determined that you will accomplish and knowing that you will have to sacrifice time that could otherwise be spent lounging on the couch, walking on the beach, hanging out with your friends and family or just watching your favorite television shows?

For anyone who is currently working towards accomplishing something important, you know what I mean.  You have to say “no” to some things, so that you can continue to say “yes” to the goal and dream ahead of you.  Keep pushing forward, the goal is closer than you think.  The steps are paved with a hundred small daily decisions to stay focused.  Your loved ones support you and believe in you!  Don’t stop!

So I ask you again, “What do you want bad enough?”

Put some action to the plan! Raise ’em up!

The month of January is winding down already.  It’s time to make sure you are putting some shoe leather on your monetary plans for 2014.  Get on the computer and increase the percentage that you are saving in your company retirement plan.  Retirement age will get here faster than you realize, and cost of living expenses only go up.  Get yourself ready.  Raise your long term savings and investments.

A customized plan is best, and the success certainly depends on the amount of time you have for the money to be working for you, your current investment balance and the average returns of those investments.  A good general rule of thumb though is a goal of saving 10% long term gives you a shot at maintaining your lifestyle in retirement.  Saving less than 10% and you will likely be dependent on family or government programs to provide support.  Savings of 15-20% would give you a better opportunity to have more disposable income available for more than just getting by in retirement.

So how much did you save in 2013 towards your long term savings?  And now give yourself a push to increase that amount in 2014.  Increase it as much as is realistic and maintainable.  Look at it quarterly to see if you have room to sock away more.  One step at a time is all it takes to make progress. Raise ’em up!

Have You Gotten Sick & Tired Yet?

Things will not change until you get sick and tired of something and decide that enough is enough.  What did you tolerate in 2013 that you have decided there is NO room in your life for in 2014?  Think about it and own the fact that the life that you are living today is based on a series of decisions that you made in the past.  Decide what kind of 2014 you want to live and be about creating it in your family, in your finances, in your health, in your relationships, in your work, and in your spiritual walk.

Every year I make a list of 50 Things that I have tolerated (some are small like “cleaning out a junk drawer” or “organizing my closet by color”; and some are big like “paying off a student loan” or “rebuilding a broken relationship”).  I start the year with 50, and I tackle them one at a time, looking at my list regularly to make sure that I am staying true to my priorities.  By the end of the year, the list is much smaller because I have kept myself focused to checking them off, and some drop off of the list because I re-evalute and find out that it was not something that remained a priority for me throughout the year and I move on.  Either way, I am moving forward and I feel it and see it!

Try it.  Make your list of Tolerations for 2014 and work it!

Wherever You Go – There You Are!

I was driving down the freeway and saw a billboard that read “Eliminate Your Debt.  File Bankruptcy” along with an ad for a bankruptcy attorney that promised to make your debt problems go away.

As I read it at 70 miles an hour, it hit me how finances is another place that a misguided world is looking for a fast solution to a problem that was built with years of poor financial choices (overspending and undersaving one day at a time has put most of us in the situations that we are in today).  And just like an over-eater who wants to lose weight, the solution cannot be found in a quick fix surgery or magic pill.  Even those who undergo surgery can only have true success when there is a lifestyle change in eating and exercise habits.  So too must you make a true lifestyle change to master your finances.  Instant debt elimination without a change of better spending habits will not keep you from finding yourself in the exact same situation 5 years from now.

Commit to making better financial choices.  Save more this year than you did last year.  Get credit card debt out of your life one card at a time.  Review your statements and bills to find those little fees and extra charges that are eating away at what you could be saving for tomorrow.  Commit to paying no more late fees or overage fees, and commit to earning interest rather than paying it.  You can do it.  It all starts with a decision.

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