Pearls of Wisdom # 10 – Ignorance Is Expensive!

Ignorance is expensive.  Going through your life with your head in the sand around money can be costly to you in lost time, lost opportunities, late fees, service charges and interest costs.  If you have not established a plan for your money to work for you properly, you could be sentencing yourself to spending more years in the workforce than necessary because you didn’t start saving or you weren’t saving enough.  You could be paying a higher price than you know.  You could be giving away both money and years!

Or worse yet, what if you looked back and found out that you were saving enough money but you failed to put it to work for you in the right types of vehicles, and as a result you still had to work longer?  Now that would be really disappointing. We have all seen and talked to too many people that we know and love, lamenting over their fixed incomes not being enough to live an enjoyable or abundant lifestyle.

You have to check in and check up on your money.  This is not the place to fall asleep at the wheel.  Good stewardship requires conscious awareness.

Can you imagine how great it could be to:

* Move forward in your money!

* Gain mastery over your money!

* Be confident that your money is working for you!

Ignorance is Expensive

Ignorance is Expensive

Are you ready to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Are you ready to know what is right for your specific situation and stop trying to compare yourself to your coworkers, neighbors or family members?  Their walk is NOT your walk.

Are you ready to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you make choices that honor your values, dreams and goals?

Are you ready to stop worrying and waiting for the next financial shoe to drop?



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