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Perfect way to start the new year with your money on track. And great gift idea!

Happy Holidays!


Pearl of Wisdom 22 – Be Content In ALL Things

Pearl # 22 - Content


It never ceases, the slice of human nature to desire that which we don’t have.  The grass always looks greener on the other side.  And the tendency of the human psyche to seek after what we don’t have continues.  As if that will be the answer to all our problems.

Think about it.  People with curly hair want straight.  People with straight hair want curly.  People who grew up as only children, want a big family with a house full of kids.  People who grew up with lots of siblings, typically want a smaller family and a little more peace and quiet in their house.  People who grew up in the country can’t wait to get out and see what city living is like.  People in the city, think that the solitude of country living just might be the ticket.  Singles wishing they were married.  And married people wishing they had waited.

People who grew up with both parents in the house can look at one parent over the other and think how much more connected one seemed to be in the relationship and wish for more equality.  Kids who grew up without their biological parents and were gifted with adoption may feel that gapping hole of missing their biological parents, wondering what they were like and how different life could have been.

So my message today is just about refocusing on being content (content – defined as satisfaction with what one is or has).  

In Phillippians 4:12-13 the Apostle Paul says that he knows what it is like to be abased and to abound (meaning he has struggled and been low; and he has been lifted up and walking in abundance).  And after living through both conditions, Paul’s best practice share technique for the church was to tell us to be content and know that through Christ we can do all things by His strength, not our own.  YOU WILL HAVE GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS.  None of us are exempt from struggle.  But remember that God is in control of it all!

So today, just take a deep breath and give thanks for your current state (no matter what it is).  If you have breath in your body, you should give thanks – someone didn’t wake up this morning.  If you have family and friends around you to argue with and get on your nerves, you should give thanks – someone lost a loved one that they wish they could still have a silly fight with over who moved the remote control.  If you live in the USA, you should give thanks – with all its flaws and shortcomings and things that we can improve upon it is still among the richest populations in the world with access to clean water, education, healthcare, and an infrastructure that allows us to speak up and create change.  It’s not perfect – but GIVE THANKS.

Give thanks for the path that the Lord is taking you through.  Your journey is about becoming the person God has ordained you to be.  Every turn, every hurdle, every hurt, every obstacle and every victory has been customized for God’s purpose and plan for your life.  Give thanks!  Be content!  Be blessed!



Laya LayaGavin
Your Financial Stewardship Champion


Can I Count On You??? I Need Your Help!!!

Listen, I have a request to make of you.

I need your help. Can I count on YOU???


In less than 48 hours, I will be participating in one of the PowerNetworking Conference 2015 calls introducing several of the Super Coaches that will be pouring our skills, knowledge and information into attendees for FREE.

Here is where you come in. And here is where I need your help.

On Friday, May 8th at 9pm EST (6pm Arizona Time) I am being interviewed by Dr. George Fraser of Frasernet and Linda Clemons.

And I need you there. I am asking for 2 things in particular from YOU:


#1 Let me know what you hear that particularly resonates with you in your understanding of connecting your money and your faith gaining mastery of your money

 #2 Tell me what’s YOUR biggest CHALLENGE around money


Is it tithing consistently? Budgeting? Impulse spending?

Earning competitive returns? Is it credit card/student loan debts?


Whatever the challenge is, I promise you there is a solution. And together we can find it.


Conference Call: 712-432-0075

Participant Code: 271542#

Date: Friday May 8th @ 9pm EST (6pm Arizona Time)

P.S. This is a LIVE event. There will be NO replays.


Laya Gavin

Your Financial Stewardship Champion


So if I can count on you, please send your responses to me via Facebook, Twitter or email me at