You Can Either Pinch Yourself OR Kick Yourself

A Pinch or Kick?  Which one will it be?  There are certain moments that come up and you have to make the call.  Do you step up and move out of your comfort zone?  Or do you sit back and kick yourself after the moment has passed?

Well here I was sitting in a room learning from one of the top executives in the real estate industry, Mrs. Tami Bonnell.  When I say one of the top executives let me be clear, I don’t just mean one of the top female executives, I mean top executives across the board in all of North America.

She was named President and CEO of EXIT Realty Corp International in 2012.  She has over 30 years in the real estate industry and has been instrumental in building three major real estate brands.  She has been named among the Top 100 Women in Real Estate, the Natl Association of Women in Real Estate Business (NAWRB) honored her with their Roaring Twenty Award, and there have been many others.

She describes herself as a leader who takes on having the tough conversations because it makes everyone better.  She leads by example and she demonstrates her commitment to the success of those around her.

Laya Gavin with Tami Bonnell, CEO & President of EXIT Realty Corp International

Laya Gavin with Tami Bonnell, CEO & President of EXIT Realty Corp International


So I am sitting in the room, feverishly taking notes as she is training the EXIT Arizona Regional leadership team.  She shared the foundational concepts that lead to longevity and success in the real estate business no matter what cycle the markets are going through.  Here are a few of her leadership insights from that day and when you look at them you see that really apply to ANY business:

  • We all get busy with competing responsibilities (family, work, community, etc) so she plans her life in 6 week action plan segments.  On a Tues/Wed/Thur around the 15th of each month, she takes 4 hour block of time where she says “you have to take this time out to work ON your business instead of IN your business.”  She pulls all of her commitments together onto one calendar and integrates work, family and play all into one.
  • Build your “Dirty Dozen”.  The “Dirty Dozen” is a list of people in your industry or connected fields that you align yourself with to build trusted relationships so that you can keep each other abreast of developments and changes in the marketplace that could affect your business.  It is a give and take of knowledge.
  • Know your marketplace.  Know the street level numbers for your market or industry.  What is happening in sales and revenue for your competitors and how their are serving clients and how you compare.  Be prepared when you walk into a client meeting to educate them on the differences and the unique advantages that you bring to the table.
  • The Power of 120 Seconds.  Before you start running, take 120 seconds and visualize the entire day.  Think through how you want your meetings to go.  Think about how you want people to feel after our time together.  Visualize what you want to create.

So after the meeting, this amazing lady, business leader and industry executive took a few moments before catching her third flight in less than a week’s time and stopped and gave me her full attention.  It was at that moment that we talked about her habit of being a voracious reader.  Long story short, she left that meeting with a copy of my book in her hand and declared that would be reading material for her next flight.

This was an example of gracious leadership.  Tami Bonnell, CEO and President of EXIT Realty Corp. International is #1 in my book.

So I didn’t have to kick myself thinking of the missed opportunity of speaking one on one with this phenomenal lady.  I did walk away having to pinch myself, thinking “did that really just happen?” 🙂

Step out of your comfort zone, because you never know what amazing things could happen.


Sharon Lechter says “Master Your Money OR It Will Master You!”

Laya Gavin with Sharon Letcher at CEOSpace Conference

Laya Gavin with Sharon Lechter at CEOSpace Conference


I recently had the great privilege and honor of spending time with Sharon Lechter author, speaker, philanthropist, business woman, CPA and just a very nice woman to sit down and have a real conversation with.  If you have been in the business world and paying attention over the last couple of decades, you probably recognize Sharon’s name from her groundbreaking work in bringing the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books and games to the marketplace and teaching us the elements of the “Cashflow Quadrant” along with Robert Kiyosaki.  Now, Sharon is on a mission that is near and dear to my heart, and that is educating and empowering women around the subject of finances.  Her latest book is called, Think & Grow Rich for Women, Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance.

In listening to her share her passion about the importance of women taking ownership of their financial futures, I was encouraged to know that I am on the right path in my journey as well.  You know the feeling when you have a dream that won’t let you sleep at night, and then the next day you cross paths with someone and they say something out of the blue that provides confirmation of what you were thinking?  Well that’s how my time with Sharon was.  I told her that I was publishing a book, 10 Smart Money Moves, How to Master Your Money & Make A Difference.   Her immediate reply was “if you don’t master your money, it WILL master you!”

And I am so pleased to say that since my meeting with Sharon, my book is now available for purchase online at:

The universe saw fit for us to cross paths at this unique moment in time.  For all of the dreamers out there like me, take note, there is an appointed time and place already designated for you to cross paths with someone whose words can give you confirmation in your spirit and speak life back into your dream.

Not only did we get to discuss the shared vision of increased financial literacy, but she also took the time to give me guidance.  CEOSpace International, is an organization that thrives on a community of shared ideas, networking and business experts bringing their resources to the table to help the community of entrepreneurs.  This is a special place that believes in cooperation not competition among its membership, and all through the hallways you hear the phrase “brain tithe”, referring to giving back a portion of what you have been blessed with.  And that is what Sharon did for me.  In our conversation she gave me tips on how to move my business forward, on how to improve my speaking skills and where to look for more information about my kraft.  Another example through leadership that in order to move forward, you must constantly continue to be a student of your kraft.  You have to keep learning.  You have to keep growing.  You have to keep giving.

Sharon Lechter, thank you!

Be Blessed!

Laya Gavin

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Can I Count On You??? I Need Your Help!!!

Listen, I have a request to make of you.

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