Legacy Love Letters – Have You Written Yours Yet?

Tomorrow Is Not Promised To Any One!

Don’t make the same mistake my Dad did.

Click here to hear the backstory.  I loved my Dad, but he BLEW IT.


Don’t let life happen to you before you make time to protect your loved ones from the confusion and stress of trying to make heads or tails out of things if something were to happen to you.


Protect your family by writing them a Legacy Love Letter, and getting your Living Trust and Estate Documents drafted and in order.


Make your wishes known.

Don’t just tell them you love them – SHOW THEM!

This is a service I provide to my clients by working with a local firm of estate planning attorneys.

I want you to have access to the best, so that you can do right by your family.

(And by all means, PLEASE SHARE this with your friends, co-workers, neighbors, sisters, cousins, brothers, aunts and uncles, play-cousins, neighbors and colleagues)  How much easier can it be… push the button.  Put it on your FB page.  Put it on your Instagram.

It’s time you wrote your own Legacy Love Letter to your family.  Follow this link to get more information (access the free trial to review the information to see if it is right for you)

Establishing a trust is easier than you realize.  And it is essential for any of the following circumstances:

  • Parents with minor children
  • Adults with aging parents
  • Single adults
  • Blended Families
  • Second Marriages
  • Divorced Parents with Potential Custodial Issues
  • Parents / Grandparents with special needs children, or custodial issues with minor children under their care

Again, follow this link to access my website and get a free trial and see how EASY it is to protect your family.

Don’t wait.

And if you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to message me 24/7 at info@layagavin.com and I will get you the information you need.

Be Blessed!  And Be A Blessing!

Wishing, Hoping and Praying – IS NOT A Plan

Your plan for success needs to include more than just Hope and Prayer.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that your attitude is important and being hopeful, positive and having a vision for your future is key.  Scripture tells us to write the vision and make it plain so that it provides clear ongoing encouragement and direction as to what we are working towards.  We are also told to pray about everything and worry about nothing because it is wise to turn it all over to God.

However, my caution to you is that Hope and Prayer does not absolve us from being wise stewards and taking action on the things that are within our reach.  Jesus is not going to come down from heaven and balance our checkbooks or write our business plans.  He provides the inspiration but we must provide the perspiration.

Time to get to work!

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It is impossible to map out a successful journey if you are not clear on your current location or your desired destination.

Talking Money with Reggie Rogers at PowerJamz and the Wake Up Call Show

Book interview with DJ host, Reggie Rogers from Power Jamz Live.  I was so very fortunate to get to spend some time with long time friend and radio host – we grew up together back in my old Oxnard, CA stomping grounds.

Listen in as Reggie and I get to talk about money challenges that are common to us all, but God is ever faithful.

There is no challenge that you are facing that is too hard for Him.

He is and always will be your heavenly provider.  Trust Him always.


Click here for More about Reggie Rogers and Power Jamz program




4 Ways to Start The New Year Off With A Bang!



Happy New Year!

If you are reading this, it means one thing for sure… You survived the holidays! Congratulations! You made it through the trips to the mall, coordinating all of the holiday events on your calendar, the long lines in the stores, the traffic on the streets and trying to find that perfect gift for someone special.

If you are like me, it is always fun to hang out with family and friends and loved ones around the holidays but it can also be exhausting trying to keep up with all of the details.

So say hello to 2017! And let’s start it off with a bang! Here are 4 ways to make immediate headway

  • Release the past! 2016 is over and there is nothing you can do to change what happened back then. What’s done is done. For better or worse the calendar page has turned. Be thankful for the lessons learned. Be thankful for the victories won. Be thankful for the important people in your life that you have been blessed to share time and space with.
  • Clear the clutter! The new year is a perfect time to move out the clutter. Whenever you move towards order, your mind, body and spirit all feel better. Think about how good you feel when you clean out your desk in box before going on vacation. Think about the relief you feel when you get your car detailed and they roll it up to you all shiny and clean with that fresh spray of air freshener. Take action right now at the top of the month and clear some space. Bag up some clothes that have been cluttering your closet and dresser drawers (give them to a loved one who can use, donate them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army Store, or put them up for sell as a consignment shop – just get them out of your space and get free)
  • Write it down! This is a new year and it should start off with a new game plan of how you are going to move forward, improve and excel in your life. Write out the things that you want to be better this year than last year. Set targets for the major areas of your life (Health, Spiritual, Career, Financial and Relational). At every level and stage in our lives we can all be better. Find deliberate ways to stay connected to those you love and let them know you care.
  • Be Quiet! Build in quiet time in your daily routine so that you have a chance to step away from all of the constant daily noise and chaos of life. When you get quiet and still you will have the chance to remember what things are important to you. When you get quiet you can hear your own thoughts. When you get quiet you can connect with Spirit. When you get quiet you can recharge your batteries. Quiet time is precious time

May your new year be filled with blessings overflowing.

Laya Gavin

Just Give It 30 Days

I admit it.  I am a list maker.  I even admit that my lists have lists.  My morning using starts with my quiet time and before I hit the showers I am reviewing my list.  If I am standing in line at the dry cleaners too long, you may see me pull it up on my iPhone and see if there is anything that snuck on there that didn’t get done yet.  Because there is joy in checking things off the list!  Those are my daily victories, checking stuff off the list!  Like the feeling I used to get playing basketball when you put that jump shot up in the air and you see it go swoosh through the net!  Yeah Baby!

But I digress.  Back to the list.  Back to the 30 Days.  This is really about staying focused and staying grounded.  And this is especially about staying out of panic mode. 

I make my lists, and action plans and line out when I want things to happen and when I feel it would be convenient for God to make a way and move things on my behalf.  As if all of the universe is really here at my beck and call and just around for my convenience.  (Okay, side note – I am really not that selfish but I confess that when I make plans, I am really thinking about how quickly this can happen so that I can move on to the next 50 things to be accomplished, conquered or handled on my lists).

So here is the deal.  I ran into a roadblock.  I was launching a business (because I am all about multiple income streams) and getting my real estate license with the state of Arizona and had to go through programs, classes, exams and applications.  It was months and months worth of time invested and thousands of dollars of my hard earned money (which I do not part with lightly – let’s be real). 

Laya Gavin (Author, Speaker, EXIT Realty Sun City Franchise Owner) with Judy Lowe, Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner

Laya Gavin (Author, Speaker, EXIT Realty Sun City Franchise Owner) with Judy Lowe, Arizona Department of Real Estate Commissioner


So I got to the next step on my list and ran smack dab into a roadblock.  What I thought would just be the submission of an online document request turned into consultations with an attorney, multiple drafts of documents and gathering years of documented history and additional letters of endorsement from several sources. 

Ouch!  None of that had been on my list. And I will be transparent again and say that this “church girl” was ticked off.  Yes I had prayed about it.  Yes I knew that God was in control of it all.  But I was hot about it.  As I sat there looking at the trail of emails back and forth on my computer screen listing out the hoops that I would have to jump through – I was so mad I just wanted to cry.  As tears began to sting the back of my eyes, my Logic Brain stepped up and said “What good is that going to do?  You won’t feel better and you won’t be one single step ahead in any of this mess.  So save the tears and do something.” 

You can see that my Logic Brain is into tough love.  And it was right.  So I got moving.  And that is what you have to do when you feel stuck in a situation.  MOVE.  Take Action.  I called a close friend who listens to me, let’s me get my venting out of the way, and then helps me mentally clear the way for action.  And most importantly, agreed with me in prayer.

I went back through the red tape and paperwork and clarified what the bureaucrats and paper pushers were asking for.  I pulled together all of the available information I could and I hand delivered it to the administration office.  And as I sat in the quiet waiting room, I just prayed that this would be all that would be needed to get this thing done (and checked off my list).

The clerk called me up, began going through all of the submitted documentation and she said “Congratulations, we can go ahead and approve your paperwork and issue your license today!”  Praise the Lord! 

While I am sitting there waiting for her to complete my package, the Commissioner of the State of Arizona Department of Real Estate walks into the office.  And while greeting the clerk and the other folks in the office, she finds out that I am being granted a license.  She comes to me and shakes my hand and congratulates me.  Before I am out that office that afternoon, I have met several very nice people and taken a photo with the Commissioner.  None of these things were on my list.  None of these things could have happened if I had not been detoured.  God knew all along.  I was the only one fighting the process.

Sometimes you have to surrender the list.  Sometimes you have to surrender your own timetable and just be ok with how and when God wants to work this thing out!  Because when you look back 30 days later at what you were frustrated about, you can see that God WORKED it out.  All you had to do was just WALK it out.

Just give your life a 30 day look back.  What stressed you out 30 days ago is part of your testimony today.  You are still here!  You are a fighter!  You are a survivor!  And God is using you to show others what the power of strong faith and trust in Him will do!  You are a walking testimony of His goodness! 

Sharon Lechter says “Master Your Money OR It Will Master You!”

Laya Gavin with Sharon Letcher at CEOSpace Conference

Laya Gavin with Sharon Lechter at CEOSpace Conference


I recently had the great privilege and honor of spending time with Sharon Lechter author, speaker, philanthropist, business woman, CPA and just a very nice woman to sit down and have a real conversation with.  If you have been in the business world and paying attention over the last couple of decades, you probably recognize Sharon’s name from her groundbreaking work in bringing the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books and games to the marketplace and teaching us the elements of the “Cashflow Quadrant” along with Robert Kiyosaki.  Now, Sharon is on a mission that is near and dear to my heart, and that is educating and empowering women around the subject of finances.  Her latest book is called, Think & Grow Rich for Women, Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance.

In listening to her share her passion about the importance of women taking ownership of their financial futures, I was encouraged to know that I am on the right path in my journey as well.  You know the feeling when you have a dream that won’t let you sleep at night, and then the next day you cross paths with someone and they say something out of the blue that provides confirmation of what you were thinking?  Well that’s how my time with Sharon was.  I told her that I was publishing a book, 10 Smart Money Moves, How to Master Your Money & Make A Difference.   Her immediate reply was “if you don’t master your money, it WILL master you!”

And I am so pleased to say that since my meeting with Sharon, my book is now available for purchase online at:


The universe saw fit for us to cross paths at this unique moment in time.  For all of the dreamers out there like me, take note, there is an appointed time and place already designated for you to cross paths with someone whose words can give you confirmation in your spirit and speak life back into your dream.

Not only did we get to discuss the shared vision of increased financial literacy, but she also took the time to give me guidance.  CEOSpace International, is an organization that thrives on a community of shared ideas, networking and business experts bringing their resources to the table to help the community of entrepreneurs.  This is a special place that believes in cooperation not competition among its membership, and all through the hallways you hear the phrase “brain tithe”, referring to giving back a portion of what you have been blessed with.  And that is what Sharon did for me.  In our conversation she gave me tips on how to move my business forward, on how to improve my speaking skills and where to look for more information about my kraft.  Another example through leadership that in order to move forward, you must constantly continue to be a student of your kraft.  You have to keep learning.  You have to keep growing.  You have to keep giving.

Sharon Lechter, thank you!

Be Blessed!

Laya Gavin

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September we are going on a journey of #DebtDemolition.  Do you have debt that you have been carrying for too long?  Do you have credit cards that are maxed out to their limits?  Do you go to the store and juggle from one credit card to the other trying to figure out which one still has enough available credit to pay for your purchase today?

It’s time to DIVORCE DEBT!  It’s Time to LIVE FREE!





What are you doing about it?

Be real with me here, this is no time for being polite or politically correct or quietly discrete, because this is serious.  Are you taking advantage of a company retirement plan and saving towards your retirement goal? Yes or No?

Nest Egg

Are You Building Your Nest Egg or Starving It?

A 2014 study showed that only 61% of women working full time jobs had companies that offered 401k or retirement plans.

And then only 75% of them actually used the company retirement plan.

And then the average savings / retirement plan investment rate of contribution is only 6%.  Sweet Jesus!  Do you get where I am going here?

Let’s break this down.  6 out of 10 have a company retirement plan that they can even use to put aside tax deferred retirement money.

Out of that 6, only 4 are putting aside money to take advantage and save for their own retirement.

And out of that 4, the average savings rate is 6% (which means some are saving more and some are saving less).  And among those that are saving, many are so unsure of where to put their money that they place it too conservatively to earn competitive rates to outpace inflation and position them for a successful long term plan.

I don’t want to see you working past the retirement age of 65 and 67 and trying to hustle for a paycheck working for someone else at the age of 70+ years old.  That is NOT God’s best.

It’s time to take a stand for yourself and financial future.

In case you forgot the question from above, I will ask it again, so that you know it was not rhetorical.  Please post your response in the comment section below.  Are you taking advantage of a company retirement plan and saving towards your retirement goal? Yes or No?



Laya Gavin “Your Financial Stewardship Champion”

You don’t have to walk this road alone! There’s help. I can teach you how to combine your faith and your finances for true abundant living!

You are far more precious than rubies!


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