5 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power & DE Stress

This entry is almost ironic coming from me. I say that because I have become the queen of juggling balls in the air and building one long To Do List after the other. So this is one of those things where I am reminding myself of the good practices that help feed my soul and comfort my spirit and I am going to share them with you as I remind myself to do more of them.

#1 Gratitude First – Start your day with gratitude. Open your eyes, pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write down 5 things that you are grateful for right now. It could be some major goal that has been accomplished, or the simple blessing of being able to open your eyes to see another sunrise. More gratitude multiplies the goodness in your life.

Check out happierhuman.com/benefits-of-gratitude/

#2 Real Rest – Sleep restores an overwhelmed mind, rebuilds and repairs neuron pathways and reduces stress. Learn de-stressing techniques that work for you like deep breathing or meditating. I have learned to turn use the “Do Not Disturb” tool on my phone to reduce interruptions, play relaxing music or sounds of nature when I lay down. I also use a sleep mask to provide additional protection from the interruption of outside light.

Check out Yellow Brick Cinema on YouTube for a variety of choices on soundtracks to fit your needs and personal tastes.


The sounds of rain are perfect for drifting off to sleep or melting into relaxation mode. I always found that I sleep well during rainy nights. And now I can replicate that with this recording anytime I need it.


# 3 Time Out – Give yourself regular time outs, where you unplug from the digital world, silence the noise and chaos and get quiet. Be still. Turn off the radio. Turn off the computer and cell phone. Turn off the television. Stop all of the outside input and get quiet. Get still. Listen for your own thoughts and feelings. And ask God for direction about your life. When you get quiet, He has the opportunity to speak to you and you can hear. But if you never get off of this merry-go-round of outside stimulation and other people’s thoughts, then how can you hear from Him?



#4 Healthy Habits – Take time to support the body and brain through proper diet and exercise, which increases blood flow to the brain, reduces stress and helps you focus. Get in at least 2 to 3 days a week of aerobic exercise (which could lower your risk of Alzheimer’s by as much as 60%). Be more mindful to feel the body well. Fuel it with a balanced diet, more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. The key word is “mindful”. Many times being in a hurry and being pressed for time we reach for what is convenient and fast and that is rarely a way to build good eating habits (that is how I end up in the fast food drive through way too many times).






#5 New Territory / Lifelong Learning – Don’t stop expanding your knowledge. Clear more neural pathways by learning a new language, a new skill, an instrument or hobby. The challenge of the unknown strengthens brain resilience, stretches your capacity, enlarges your territory and widens your possibility thinking.


Live well and live long.

You Have Power! Are You Using It?

Good morning!  I just want to take a quick Take Five to share with you.

I was on a prayer call with one of my favorite ministers, Pastor Tyrone Ivy from Greater Hope Church in Phoenix.  Look them up on Facebook.  He does a prayer call every Thursday morning.

And today he put something on my mind because he was talking about the power and authority that we have as believers.  And my question for you today is:  Are you walking in that power?  Are you walking in that authority?  Or have you forgotten about it?  And let fear or circumstances or doubt distract you from it.


You Have Power. Are You Using It?

Posted by Laya Gavin, Author & Professional Speaker on Thursday, July 13, 2017


This is your reminder today!  This is your wake up call!  Stop letting fear drag you down.  Stop letting sad circumstances distract you from the promises of God.  Stop letting bad news from the world dictate how you will live your life.  God has promised many things to His children and He is a Promise Keeper!  He is a Provider!  He is ALL Good, ALL the time.

My mission and my goal right now is to help YOU walk in your power and take your Money Power back!  I want to help you create W.A.M. “Walk Away Money”!

Message me here and we can talk about how to make a new decision to change the game!

Don’t Make The Same Mistake As My Dad

This is not a joke. This is not a meme. There are no dancing cats or cute babies. This is not a game. This is REAL WORLD grownup talk. It’s time out for just getting on line trying to show off our SHINE when we have NOT handled our business.

Don’t be mad because I care enough to tell you the truth.


If this message is talking to you and your situation, you need to run to the phone and call my office. There should be nothing in this world that has you so busy, so tied up, so unavailable right now that you cannot take time out to demonstrate this kind of love for your family.

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Happy Holidays!


Sharon Lechter says “Master Your Money OR It Will Master You!”

Laya Gavin with Sharon Letcher at CEOSpace Conference

Laya Gavin with Sharon Lechter at CEOSpace Conference


I recently had the great privilege and honor of spending time with Sharon Lechter author, speaker, philanthropist, business woman, CPA and just a very nice woman to sit down and have a real conversation with.  If you have been in the business world and paying attention over the last couple of decades, you probably recognize Sharon’s name from her groundbreaking work in bringing the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books and games to the marketplace and teaching us the elements of the “Cashflow Quadrant” along with Robert Kiyosaki.  Now, Sharon is on a mission that is near and dear to my heart, and that is educating and empowering women around the subject of finances.  Her latest book is called, Think & Grow Rich for Women, Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance.

In listening to her share her passion about the importance of women taking ownership of their financial futures, I was encouraged to know that I am on the right path in my journey as well.  You know the feeling when you have a dream that won’t let you sleep at night, and then the next day you cross paths with someone and they say something out of the blue that provides confirmation of what you were thinking?  Well that’s how my time with Sharon was.  I told her that I was publishing a book, 10 Smart Money Moves, How to Master Your Money & Make A Difference.   Her immediate reply was “if you don’t master your money, it WILL master you!”

And I am so pleased to say that since my meeting with Sharon, my book is now available for purchase online at:


The universe saw fit for us to cross paths at this unique moment in time.  For all of the dreamers out there like me, take note, there is an appointed time and place already designated for you to cross paths with someone whose words can give you confirmation in your spirit and speak life back into your dream.

Not only did we get to discuss the shared vision of increased financial literacy, but she also took the time to give me guidance.  CEOSpace International, is an organization that thrives on a community of shared ideas, networking and business experts bringing their resources to the table to help the community of entrepreneurs.  This is a special place that believes in cooperation not competition among its membership, and all through the hallways you hear the phrase “brain tithe”, referring to giving back a portion of what you have been blessed with.  And that is what Sharon did for me.  In our conversation she gave me tips on how to move my business forward, on how to improve my speaking skills and where to look for more information about my kraft.  Another example through leadership that in order to move forward, you must constantly continue to be a student of your kraft.  You have to keep learning.  You have to keep growing.  You have to keep giving.

Sharon Lechter, thank you!

Be Blessed!

Laya Gavin

The Borrower Is Slave To The Lender

Debt Free Holiday

This information is too valuable to pass up. It’s helping men & women just like you keep JOY in the holidays…with NO DEBT!


Start off the New Year right!

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7 Things You Should Know About Your Credit & Credit Score

This is definitely a matter of “what you DON’T know CAN hurt you.” Money matters and conversations about credit and debt can be embarrassing if you feel like you have made mistakes in the past and have not yet forgiven yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know.


I like the idea that when you know better, you can do better. So take this opportunity to get some good information and put it to use to improve yourself, and share it with someone you care about and perhaps help them avoid a pitfall too.
So here is a little real talk about credit, credit scores and where they come from.

1. Who is tracking your credit? There are 3 national credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion


2. Where does the information come from? They compile information received from banks and financial institutions, who send data about any debt or bill that you may have (car loans, credit cards, mortgages, medical bills, student loans, delinquent taxes, and even outstanding balances for that apartment you and your buddies from college were renting together and didn’t clear up). And every time you submit an application for new credit, whether approved or not, it is affects your credit score and is added to your file.
3. Who uses this information? You would be surprised. Utility companies, cell phone providers, landlords, insurance companies and even some potential employers are reviewing your credit history to determine your suitability and financial stability.


4. How can you find out what they are saying about you? Good question. Any time you apply for credit if you are declined, you will receive a letter in writing from the company notifying you what information was used to make their credit decision and how to request a copy of the credit reporting information obtained so that you can review it and dispute anything that is invalid. Also you have the right to get a FREE copy of your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus annually so that you can see the information and request any corrections, and make sure that no one else is using your identity illegally. Per the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) the ONLY authorized source for your free report is AnnualCreditReport.com. DONT BE FOOLED by copycat websites trying to get your personal data and your money.


5. What is a FICO score? FICO is an abbreviation used to describe the measurement of your credit score. The scoring ranges from about 301 to 850. The way your FICO score is calculated is to take your score from each of the 3 agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) drop the highest score, drop the lowest score and select the one in the middle, and that is considered your FICO score. It is NOT an average of all 3.


6. What are 3 factors that contribute to my credit score? The length of time that you have had the lines of credit open. Your payment history. And the amount of the credit line used compared to the total amount available.


7. How much of my available credit should I use?  Ideally, NONE! It’s better to owe no one anything. But if you are using them, then the best way is to pay them in full monthly. The 2nd best use, if you are in a position where you cannot pay off in full, then use the Rule of ⅓. The Rule of ⅓ means that you only use ⅓ of your available line of credit. So if your limit on your card is $3000, do NOT carry a balance of more than ⅓ or $1000. This demonstrates to your creditors that you are not maxing out every penny of available credit and you are consistent on making your payments.

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Pearl of Wisdom 22 – Be Content In ALL Things

Pearl # 22 - Content


It never ceases, the slice of human nature to desire that which we don’t have.  The grass always looks greener on the other side.  And the tendency of the human psyche to seek after what we don’t have continues.  As if that will be the answer to all our problems.

Think about it.  People with curly hair want straight.  People with straight hair want curly.  People who grew up as only children, want a big family with a house full of kids.  People who grew up with lots of siblings, typically want a smaller family and a little more peace and quiet in their house.  People who grew up in the country can’t wait to get out and see what city living is like.  People in the city, think that the solitude of country living just might be the ticket.  Singles wishing they were married.  And married people wishing they had waited.

People who grew up with both parents in the house can look at one parent over the other and think how much more connected one seemed to be in the relationship and wish for more equality.  Kids who grew up without their biological parents and were gifted with adoption may feel that gapping hole of missing their biological parents, wondering what they were like and how different life could have been.

So my message today is just about refocusing on being content (content – defined as satisfaction with what one is or has).  

In Phillippians 4:12-13 the Apostle Paul says that he knows what it is like to be abased and to abound (meaning he has struggled and been low; and he has been lifted up and walking in abundance).  And after living through both conditions, Paul’s best practice share technique for the church was to tell us to be content and know that through Christ we can do all things by His strength, not our own.  YOU WILL HAVE GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS.  None of us are exempt from struggle.  But remember that God is in control of it all!

So today, just take a deep breath and give thanks for your current state (no matter what it is).  If you have breath in your body, you should give thanks – someone didn’t wake up this morning.  If you have family and friends around you to argue with and get on your nerves, you should give thanks – someone lost a loved one that they wish they could still have a silly fight with over who moved the remote control.  If you live in the USA, you should give thanks – with all its flaws and shortcomings and things that we can improve upon it is still among the richest populations in the world with access to clean water, education, healthcare, and an infrastructure that allows us to speak up and create change.  It’s not perfect – but GIVE THANKS.

Give thanks for the path that the Lord is taking you through.  Your journey is about becoming the person God has ordained you to be.  Every turn, every hurdle, every hurt, every obstacle and every victory has been customized for God’s purpose and plan for your life.  Give thanks!  Be content!  Be blessed!



Laya LayaGavin
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Keep It Going! God’s Word Is Doing A Work In You!



30 Day Word Challenge Is Still On!

Whether you started with us on July 1st or you just got this message today! The challenge is STILL ON!


THE WHO: This is for you if you want to focus on getting the MIND of CHRIST in YOU

THE HOW: Meditating on the word of God.  We will focus on what He has said – not what our broke-thinking friends are saying; not what the bad-news media are saying; not what the enemy would have you believe.

THE WHAT:  Look up the verses and write them out. Post them on your mirror. Write them in your smartphone or tablet. We will be speaking the word of God in 5 key areas over our lives and over our finances – first thing in the morning and last thing at night before we go to bed.

The Power to Get Wealth (Duet 8:18)
The Power of Reward of Work (Prov 28:19)
The Power to Prosper (3 John 1:2)
The Power of Sowing (2 Cor 9:6)
The Power of Reaping (Gal 6:7-9)


Wrapped in the word Did you get to implement the first twist?

As you read the scriptures, put your name into the verse. Read it as God is speaking to you. BECAUSE HIS WORD IS HIS VOICE SPEAKING TO YOU. Insert yourself into the Word. Let it wrap around you. Let it comfort you. So here is the example: “Laya, you shall remember the Lord your God, Laya because it is God that gives you, Laya the POWER TO GET WEALTH.”




Are you ready for the second twist?  TIME TO ELEVATE.

Start writing the word.  For one week take time to write out the scripture.  Each day, take one verse and write it out 5 times.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  This word will become yours!



Remember to come back and share your testimonies of VICTORY, UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS AND the PEACE that comes with TRUSTING HIM and letting HIM BE YOUR PROVIDER. He said that “I AM THAT I AM”. Which translates to “He will be whatever we need Him to be”.  Sometimes the hardest part we have to deal with is US being still and getting out of His way. (Psalms 46:10).

Share with the rest of us any testimony and change of direction that your mindset, faith and your finances begin to take as you begin to incorporate more of God’s word into your situation.  Post, Comment or SHARE on FACEBOOK!

Share this challenge on your Facebook page, forward it to your friends and family – WE NEED MORE WORD!  WE NEED MORE VICTORY!


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Juicy Twist to the 30 Day Word Challenge

I put it out there at the beginning of the month.  I wanted to see who would take it on and who could really stand on God’s word.  A 30 Day Word Challenge. Think about it – a simple 30 day focus of speaking God’s word and deliberately involving Him in our finances and our life purpose.  That’s powerful.

30 Days of focus.  30 Days of ignoring what the world says about money or more notably what the world says about a lack of money.  30 Days of focusing on God’s abundance and His promise to provide for His children!

We will be speaking the word of God in 5 key areas over our lives and over our finances – first thing in the morning and last thing at night before we go to bed.

The Power to Get Wealth (Duet 8:18)
The Power of Reward of Work (Prov 28:19)
The Power to Prosper (3 John 1:2)
The Power of Sowing (2 Cor 9:6)
The Power of Reaping (Gal 6:7-9)

And here’s a JUICY TWIST.  Step it up another level and insert your name into the scripture and read it like a personal conversation between you and your Heavenly Father.

Example “…God gives me (Laya) the power to create wealth!” Or “My beloved precious (Laya) I wish above all things Laya that you Laya prosper and be in good health Laya…” You see where I am going with this?! Speak the Word and stand on His promises!  He told us to prove Him (or try Him or test Him) and see that He will do just what He said He would do!

Share this challenge on your Facebook page, forward it to your friends and family!


Laya Gavin

Laya Gavin

Laya Gavin “Your Financial Stewardship Champion”

You don’t have to walk this road alone! There’s help. I can teach you how to combine your faith and your finances for true abundant living!

You are far more precious than rubies!

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