What Are You Going To Do With Your Tax Refund Check?


According to CNN Money over 80% of you will be receiving tax refund checks this year.  The question is, what will you be doing with yours?  Do you have some special kind of reward planned for yourself as a treat for making it through a tough 2014?  Or are you going to put that money to work for you so that you can better position yourself for financial success?

Well you know which one I am rooting for!  I want you to be better!  I want you to be financially wise!  I want you to use your funds to make a difference in this world!  I want you to be debt free!  So take a moment before that refund check hits your bank account and give some thought as to some things that you can do to make a difference in your world:

  • First and foremost, Give Thanks that you are getting a refund rather than having to pay!
  • Secondly, Give Thanks to your Heavenly Father for the job(s) you were blessed with to generate the income to have to pay taxes on (some people didn’t work or make enough throughout the year to even have to file – that would be a whole different kind of struggle)
  • Tithe and Give an Offering on your refund to recognize the blessing
  • Start or build up your Emergency Fund (starter size of $500 or $1000 min, and you can build up to 6 months of living expenses once you get debts paid off)
  • If you are debt free, pray about someone that you can Be a blessing to in some act of kindness
  • If you are still digging your way out of debt, then this is a perfect time to put a little extra effort on the matter.  Dave Ramsey calls it a snowball.  Call it a lump sum payment or whatever works for you, just make that extra payment towards debt freedom.  Find your debt with the lowest outstanding balance and see if your refund can pay it off in full or at least put a big dent in it!  Make that payment towards your financial freedom. Accelerate the day that you will be able to claim your freedom from financial bondage.  Don’t be like the masses, be like the small percentage of folks that owe no one financially.  Be free!

Proverbs 22:7  KJV – The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant (or slave) to the lender.

How good it feels to claim your freedom from “the lenders”, there is nothing like it.  Who will you emancipate yourself from with your refund check?  Sallie Mae?  Fannie Mae?  Visa?  Mastercard?  Kohl’s?  Target?  Macy’s?  Victoria’s Secret? Ford Motor Credit?

GET FREE!!!!!!  And Be Blessed!!!!

24C        You are far more precious than rubies!  Remember to treat yourself like the jewel that God says that you are!


Laya Gavin “Your Financial Stewardship Champion”


You don’t have to walk this road alone!  There’s help.  I can teach you how to combine your faith and your finances for true abundant living!


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