4 Ways to Start The New Year Off With A Bang!



Happy New Year!

If you are reading this, it means one thing for sure… You survived the holidays! Congratulations! You made it through the trips to the mall, coordinating all of the holiday events on your calendar, the long lines in the stores, the traffic on the streets and trying to find that perfect gift for someone special.

If you are like me, it is always fun to hang out with family and friends and loved ones around the holidays but it can also be exhausting trying to keep up with all of the details.

So say hello to 2017! And let’s start it off with a bang! Here are 4 ways to make immediate headway

  • Release the past! 2016 is over and there is nothing you can do to change what happened back then. What’s done is done. For better or worse the calendar page has turned. Be thankful for the lessons learned. Be thankful for the victories won. Be thankful for the important people in your life that you have been blessed to share time and space with.
  • Clear the clutter! The new year is a perfect time to move out the clutter. Whenever you move towards order, your mind, body and spirit all feel better. Think about how good you feel when you clean out your desk in box before going on vacation. Think about the relief you feel when you get your car detailed and they roll it up to you all shiny and clean with that fresh spray of air freshener. Take action right now at the top of the month and clear some space. Bag up some clothes that have been cluttering your closet and dresser drawers (give them to a loved one who can use, donate them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army Store, or put them up for sell as a consignment shop – just get them out of your space and get free)
  • Write it down! This is a new year and it should start off with a new game plan of how you are going to move forward, improve and excel in your life. Write out the things that you want to be better this year than last year. Set targets for the major areas of your life (Health, Spiritual, Career, Financial and Relational). At every level and stage in our lives we can all be better. Find deliberate ways to stay connected to those you love and let them know you care.
  • Be Quiet! Build in quiet time in your daily routine so that you have a chance to step away from all of the constant daily noise and chaos of life. When you get quiet and still you will have the chance to remember what things are important to you. When you get quiet you can hear your own thoughts. When you get quiet you can connect with Spirit. When you get quiet you can recharge your batteries. Quiet time is precious time

May your new year be filled with blessings overflowing.

Laya Gavin

Put some action to the plan! Raise ’em up!

The month of January is winding down already.  It’s time to make sure you are putting some shoe leather on your monetary plans for 2014.  Get on the computer and increase the percentage that you are saving in your company retirement plan.  Retirement age will get here faster than you realize, and cost of living expenses only go up.  Get yourself ready.  Raise your long term savings and investments.

A customized plan is best, and the success certainly depends on the amount of time you have for the money to be working for you, your current investment balance and the average returns of those investments.  A good general rule of thumb though is a goal of saving 10% long term gives you a shot at maintaining your lifestyle in retirement.  Saving less than 10% and you will likely be dependent on family or government programs to provide support.  Savings of 15-20% would give you a better opportunity to have more disposable income available for more than just getting by in retirement.

So how much did you save in 2013 towards your long term savings?  And now give yourself a push to increase that amount in 2014.  Increase it as much as is realistic and maintainable.  Look at it quarterly to see if you have room to sock away more.  One step at a time is all it takes to make progress. Raise ’em up!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2013!

However you brought in the ringing of the new year last night, look up, it is a new day. The sun is shining and you are blessed to see another day and another new year. Yesterday is gone and forever done. Today is here and a new opportunity to walk in the purpose God has placed in your heart. Let’s make 2013 a year of purpose, a year of living out your passion and doing something meaningful. Think about it, what can you do to be a blessing to someone else today? Look for a way to make your creator smile!