Good morning!  I just want to take a quick Take Five to share with you.

I was on a prayer call with one of my favorite ministers, Pastor Tyrone Ivy from Greater Hope Church in Phoenix.  Look them up on Facebook.  He does a prayer call every Thursday morning.

And today he put something on my mind because he was talking about the power and authority that we have as believers.  And my question for you today is:  Are you walking in that power?  Are you walking in that authority?  Or have you forgotten about it?  And let fear or circumstances or doubt distract you from it.


You Have Power. Are You Using It?

Posted by Laya Gavin, Author & Professional Speaker on Thursday, July 13, 2017


This is your reminder today!  This is your wake up call!  Stop letting fear drag you down.  Stop letting sad circumstances distract you from the promises of God.  Stop letting bad news from the world dictate how you will live your life.  God has promised many things to His children and He is a Promise Keeper!  He is a Provider!  He is ALL Good, ALL the time.

My mission and my goal right now is to help YOU walk in your power and take your Money Power back!  I want to help you create W.A.M. “Walk Away Money”!

Message me here and we can talk about how to make a new decision to change the game!

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